Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Money laundering case: Police interrogation dependent on Altaf Hussain’s health – The Express Tribune

Wednesday, June 4, 2014
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The time starts to test MQM legal status and its co-founder Altaf
Hussain who has been arrested in money laundring case. He fled to UK in
1990 after crucial genocide in Karachi headed by him. MQM (the then
Mohajir Qumi Movement and turned later as Motihida Qumi Movement)
thereafter split into two and one portion led by Afaq Ahmad and the rest
one is being led by Altaf Hussain. According to ECP (Election
Commission of Pakistan), Altaf Hussain's particulars as patron of MQM
did not find and the registration of MQM is in the name of Dr. Farooq

It is almost contrary to the law and Altaf Hussain has
been continously addressing the street powers including and away from
'90, and it is also very strange that a man who is no legal connection
to the party in the eyes of law, inciting the people of his mother
tongue and the economy of Karachi using as a tool to shake the rest of
the country.

Altaf Hussain has also been booked in two murder
cases registered with 2Tilway Police station in Karachi. In riots beguns
in early 1986, he has been accused to drill his opponents and kill
their bodies in the streets of Karachi. When crack down in the BB's
regime, the then Corps Commandor Karachi, Babar swapped out and Altaf
ran away and asume self-extradision to UK. Since 1986 to date, he has
been allegedly involved in riots, extronising, killings and more over to
this has been accused in "Jinahhpur" case.

He is involving in
murders of so many innocents including children, women and men of his
opposition both true or false. If he comes to Pakistan, he must be trial
under ATC so that in future, nobody could dare to deface Pakistan as he
has been

All the political parties exculding ANP, JI and regional parties are against to provide support to AH in UK.

He must be teach a lesson for trait.


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